Divadlo dnes

Divadlo v Brně

Nesnesitelná tekutost bytí

Jatka78, Pá 24. květen 20:30

_12,000 litres of water, 1.5 tons of steel, 4 glass walls and 1 actress._ *After three years of preparation, which included working with stress analysts, glassmakers and water managers as well as…


Theatre Komedie, Pá 24. květen 10:00

Vosto5: Společenstvo vlastníků

Společenský sál – Masarykovo nádraží, Pá 24. květen 20:00

Together forever!

DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Pá 24. květen 19:00

Magda and Zuzanka share their little lives through phone conversations. The first cannot be without the second, while the second is self-absorbed. Why do they still communicate at all, and what do…

Pan Theodor Mundstock

Studio Hrdinů, Pá 24. květen 20:00

Christmas Tales of Terror

Café Club Míšeňská, Pá 24. květen 16:45

Ghosts, ghouls and Father Christmas. Inspired by the short stories _Christmas Tales of Terror_ by Chris Priestley. Cia Tipot combine puppetry and storytelling using children's toys and baking…


Divadlo X10, Pá 24. květen 19:30

Jess a Joe navždy

Rock Café, Pá 24. květen 19:30


A Studio Rubín, Pá 24. květen 19:30


H2O – Bytové divadlo , Pá 24. květen 19:00

Five friends who respect, admire, damn, hate and love each other find themselves in situations that will shock or surprise them. A play about honesty, which can be cruel and unbearable where a lie is…

The Best of Swan Lake

Hybernia Theatre, Pá 24. květen 19:30

The Wimps Show

Malostranská beseda, Pá 24. květen 23:00

The Wimps are back in town bringing even more five-star musical improvised comedy based entirely on your suggestions. New games, new songs and a brand-new musical every single night. – _'Effortless.…

Twonkey's Ten Year Twitch

Café Club Míšeňská, Pá 24. květen 21:00

The story of a grotesque cake decorating shop in the Dordogne that has been secretly making fake weather since 1982. Twonkey is an award-winning one-off. – _'Mind bending fables'_ (The Times) – _'It…

Timon of Athens

Divadlo Inspirace, Pá 24. květen 17:00

The grandest retelling of Shakespeare's least-known play by multi award-winning Rendered Retina. 3 performers play 18 characters in a high-energy version of this hidden gem with original songs, a…

Three's a Crowd

Divadlo Kampa, Pá 24. květen 22:45

Four clowns. One clapperboard. One hundred legendary film moments. 60 minutes. Acclaimed Royal Academy of Dramatic Art physical theatre company be•wilder presents Three’s a Crowd, a thrilling joy…

The Story of Faust

Divadlo Kampa, Pá 24. květen 18:15

Based on 16th-century material, this new musical comedy by Hans Kellerman features a puppet company struggling with the Faust tale. – _'The puppetry is… ingenious, full of personality, and colourful…

Running To Saint Sebastian

Golden Key, Pá 24. květen 20:15

A queer misfit finds himself in charge at a dilapidated church. Preparing for an Easter vigil, he talks about arrows with his name on them, why he's lighting candles for Saint Sebastian, and what…

Professional Breakup Artist

Museum of Alchemists, Pá 24. květen 18:30

Come seek, find and inevitably lose, the woman of your dreams. Disaster dates, sex, and breakups are explored in the search for Ms Right (or just a good hard… ). Expect audience interaction, a…

Mad Women in My Attic!

Malostranská beseda, Pá 24. květen 19:45

You are cordially invited to a madwoman's deliciously dark and dangerous cabaret! Let your deranged hostess Ms. Salvi take you on a thrilling, engaging hour of entertainment, celebrating the mad…

Last Hive

Divadlo Inspirace, Pá 24. květen 18:30

Matrix with Honeybees. The world through the eyes of a bee. David's on a mission, will he save the world or be radicalised on the way? Come down to the insect underworld to find out. – _'Hilariously…

Kotuku and the Moon Child

Divadlo Kampa, Pá 24. květen 16:45

A Moon Child gets trapped on Earth - how will she find her way home? Using masks, puppetry, breath-taking original music and plenty of wonder, this is an epic adventure about loss, longing and some…

Kate & Ilyssa: The Best Ritual

Malostranská beseda, Pá 24. květen 21:30

A raucous, two-woman comedy of idiots! These New York-based clowns, using meditation, sacred chants, and dance sequences, will guide you through their version of a sacred ritual for spiritual…


Divadlo Kampa, Pá 24. květen 19:45

Using _The Night, The Pharmacy, The Street_ as a catalyst, two award-winning youth theatres come together to devise an original double-bill that explores the cyclical nature of life, from a…

How to Make Friends in Hollywood

Golden Key, Pá 24. květen 19:00

Lindsey Ordell is selfish, charming and brutal. She drinks too much, smokes too much, and indulges in an endless string of sexual conquests. Languishing in her dwindling fame, she is the perfect…

Going South

Café Club Míšeňská, Pá 24. květen 18:00

Britain is going South! In 1912 Captain Scott lost a race to the bottom of the world, and his life. But Cherry survived and is here to tell the tragic tale of heroic failure with characters, clowning…

The Family Blimp

Divadlo Kampa, Pá 24. květen 21:15

Physical theatre and a lick of the absurd come together as the Blimps attempt to navigate through a strange new place and meet the demands of their newfangled community. Let's play – home sweet home!…

El Diablo of the Cards 2.0

Malostranská beseda, Pá 24. květen 21:00

Award-winning clown/magician, Ewerton Martins is travelling 52 countries thrilling audiences with his decks of cards. He returns to Prague after a sell-out run in 2018, with an astonishing new show.…

Doppelgangster's Cold War

Divadlo Inspirace, Pá 24. květen 21:30

A pilot crashes in the Arctic. A polar bear kills its cub. Two men in lounge suits are eating snow cones in a cheap Vegas motel room. _Doppelgangster's Cold War_ is a thrilling, hypnotic,…

David McIver: Teleport

Divadlo Inspirace, Pá 24. květen 23:00

The cheekiest teen around returns to the _Prague Fringe_ with a character comedy show about the lengths we'll go to in order to escape reality. – _“Uniquely inventive in its approach to comedy“_ …

Crizards' Cromedy Hour

Café Club Míšeňská, Pá 24. květen 19:30

An offbeat double act specialising in bulletproof patter and silly set pieces. Will and Eddy (Crizards) are best friends, neighbours and in the same double act (Crizards). – _“Very clever, very wry,…


Museum of Alchemists, Pá 24. květen 17:00

New Comedian of the Year 2017 finalist presents a show about isolation. A one-man show, obviously. A highly-anticipated debut hour of silly, cerebral stand-up on the subject of shyness from spicy boy…

Bonnie Fechters

Museum of Alchemists, Pá 24. květen 21:30

Inspiring true stories and songs celebrating courageous women whose spirit and activism have challenged injustice and oppression over continents and centuries and changed our lives forever. – Sell…

An Audience with Yasmine Day

Divadlo Inspirace, Pá 24. květen 20:00

_Failed 80s diva Yasmine Day boldly attempts to revive her flagging career with an extravaganza concert of 80s power ballads only slightly hampered by cheap karaoke tracks, over-ambitious costume…


Museum of Alchemists, Pá 24. květen 20:00

5- star groundbreaking Scottish poet fuses a searing script with original music. _#Hypocrisy_ crackles with energy and wit, sees the personal become political and reminds us that we are in charge of…

Výnosné místo

Divadlo pod Palmovkou, Pá 24. květen 19:00


Broadway Theatre, Pá 24. květen 18:00


Jatka78, Pá 24. květen 18:30

Unique Theatrical Meetings of Yesterday's Film Heroes – This is the basis of the story that you will be guided through by someone who hasn't left the movies to this day. A little director, a bit of a…

Doktor Ox

Hybernia Theatre, Pá 24. květen 18:00

The Prague Burlesque Show

Royal Theatre & Club Chic, Pá 24. květen 21:30

_Hollywood Babylon_ is linked to Kenneth Anger, an experimental film maker from the 60’s and 70’s. Prague Burlesque’s new show is named after his eponymous books, where he reveals the dark side…

Malý princ

New Stage of the National Theatre, Pá 24. květen 20:00

*One of the best known stories of global modern literature on stage.* The simple tale juxtaposes the current world, which is driven by the endeavour to control nature, the dominance of technology,…


Divadlo Minor, Pá 24. květen 18:00

Retour + Salut mon frère + Ghanaia

Ponec – the dance venue, Pá 24. květen 20:00


Studio Alta, Pá 24. květen 19:30

Dealer's Choice

Dejvické divadlo, Pá 24. květen 19:30

Medusa's Head

Ypsilon Studio, Pá 24. květen 19:30

Smrt mu sluší

Švanda Theatre, Pá 24. květen 11:00

Aggregate Works of William Shakespeare in 120 minutes

Divadlo v Dlouhé, Pá 24. květen 19:00

Hodina diplomacie

Viola Theatre, Pá 24. květen 20:00

Jonáš a tingl-tangl

Celetna Theatre, Pá 24. květen 19:30


Bez Zábradlí Theatre, Pá 24. květen 19:00

4000 days

Ungelt Theatre, Pá 24. květen 19:00

Její pastorkyňa

Vinohrady Theatre, Pá 24. květen 19:00

Romeo a Julie

ABC Theatre, Pá 24. květen 19:00


Theatre Rokoko, Pá 24. květen 19:00


Theatre Semafor, Pá 24. květen 19:00

The Stand In

Jára Cimrman's Theatre, Pá 24. květen 19:00

Performed in English with native English actors this brilliant comedy , set in 1910, tells the story of a small Czech theatre company who, having lost some company members, recruit the renowned Czech…

Poprask na laguně

Studio DVA divadlo, Pá 24. květen 19:00

The Love for Three Oranges

National Theatre (historical building), Pá 24. květen 19:00

The Italian playwright, satirist and mystifier Count Carlo Gozzi (1720–1806) inadvertently gave rise to a peculiar moment in the history of 20th-century opera: while in 1920 Giacomo Puccini began…

The Misanthrope

Estates Theatre, Pá 24. květen 19:00

Along with Tartuffe and The Miser, The Misanthrope is the fundamental comedic archetype by which the global drama has been enriched by the genius of French classicism. The Misanthrope hates people.…

Takový žertík

Na Jezerce Theatre, Pá 24. květen 19:00

Jak se dělá muzikál

Karlin Musical Theatre, Pá 24. květen 11:00

Tři letušky v posteli

Radek Brzobohatý's Theatre, Pá 24. květen 19:00

Sestra v akci

Karlin Musical Theatre, Pá 24. květen 19:00


Kalich Theatre, Pá 24. květen 19:00

Toodle noodle

Divadlo Minor, So 25. květen 15:00

Stojím ve tmě... Miriam

A Studio Rubín, So 25. květen 19:30

Pusťte Donnu k maturitě!

Divadlo pod Palmovkou, So 25. květen 19:00

Magic Phantom – best of black light theatre

HILT – black light theatre, So 25. květen 20:00

Experience an extraordinary theatrical show in Prague and watch the “Phantom” come to life in dance and pantomime. See the best scenes of black light theater by the Hilt company, and watch…

Strážci občanského dobra 2

MeetFactory, So 25. květen 20:00

On Top

Malostranská beseda, So 25. květen 19:15

Wanna be on top? On Top is a fashion show, a competition, a celebration, and a hot mess. It'll become what you make it. Let's look fabulous, get sweaty, and rip up the rule book. *14+*

Isa Bonachera: The Great Emptiness

Golden Key, So 25. květen 17:30

Isa is obsessed with outer space, and she spent twenty years trying to become an astronaut. So, why isn't she in space? This BBC New Comedy Award finalist will use a planetarium projector to take you…

In the Woods Where the Men Work

Malostranská beseda, So 25. květen 18:15

A group of businessmen awake in a forest for the trial they never saw coming. Featuring a life-sized ox puppet, animation and dance, an emerging theatre company from NYC brings you an absurd look…


Na Fidlovačce Theatre, So 25. květen 15:00

Pan Roman

Alfred ve dvoře, So 25. květen 18:00

If A Thousand Clarinets

Theatre Semafor, So 25. květen 13:00

The Wayward Daughter (La Fille mal gardée)

National Theatre (historical building), So 25. květen 19:00

This fascinating ballet gives a chance to play a comedy. Some of the finest dancers worldwide have appeared in Sir Frederick Ashton’s highly acclaimed ballet, which has been staged at more than 35…

The Night Season

Estates Theatre, So 25. květen 19:00

_A bitter comedy from the part of Great Britain that is so dangerously similar to our home…_ Or otherwise: there was once a father, who had two daughters and one mother-in-law. His wife has fled to…

O pejskovi a kočičce

Divadlo Minor, So 25. květen 10:00

Cizinec hledá byt

DISK Theatre, So 25. květen 19:30

Nad Tatrou sa blýska (Obrázky zo slovenskej histórie)

Divadlo v Dlouhé, So 25. květen 19:00

Dobrý proti severáku

Jára Cimrman's Theatre, So 25. květen 19:00

Jonáš a tingl-tangl

Werichova vila, So 25. květen 20:30


Vinohrady Theatre, So 25. květen 19:00


Činoherní klub, So 25. květen 19:30


Bez Zábradlí Theatre, So 25. květen 17:00

Mr. Halpern and Mr. Johnson

Ungelt Theatre, So 25. květen 19:00

Moje tango

Studio DVA divadlo, So 25. květen 19:00

Vzhůru do divočiny

Studio DVA divadlo, So 25. květen 14:00

Madame Rubinstein

Malá scéna Studia DVA, So 25. květen 19:30

Enjoyable Opera

Estates Theatre, So 25. květen 11:00

The Office

Theatre Rokoko, So 25. květen 17:00

Dyzajn market léto 2019

Náměstí Václava Havla, So 25. květen 10:00


NoD, Ne 26. květen 19:30

Radio Ivo: Život nedoceníš

Studio Hrdinů, Ne 26. květen 20:00


La Fabrika, Ne 26. květen 19:30

Mozart and the Others

Estates Theatre, Ne 26. květen 17:00

*The National Theatre will stage in Czech premieres two remarkable operas that present Mozart as a person in little known, even unexpected, connections.* The renowned English composer Michael Nyman,…

War In Progress

Potrvá, Ne 26. květen 20:00

Vysílač GO84

Prague – various venues, Ne 26. květen 12:00

Rodinná oslava

DISK Theatre, Ne 26. květen 19:30

Ucpanej systém

Dejvické divadlo, Ne 26. květen 19:30

Divadlo v Praze

Mea Culpa

Brno City Theatre, Pá 24. květen 19:30

Hamlet a tma

Marta Studio, Pá 24. květen 19:00


Na Orlí Theatre, Pá 24. květen 19:00

Travestie kabaret Brno

Eleven Club, Pá 24. květen 19:30


Polárka Theatre, Pá 24. květen 14:00


HaDivadlo, Pá 24. květen 17:30

Atomová kočička

Reduta Theatre Brno, Pá 24. květen 20:00

Requiem of Ravel's Bolero

Mahen Theatre, So 25. květen 14:00

A zase jsme spali pindral

Na Orlí Theatre, So 25. květen 18:00

Americký cisar

Goose on a String, So 25. květen 20:00


Brno City Theatre, So 25. květen 18:00

*Contemporary circus grotesque, poem, painting as well as dark fury.* _"If I did not have ADHD, I would never have been able to create our company. I would never have established Jatka78. If I did…

Post Traumatic Knee Disorder

The Immigrant, So 25. květen 20:00

_Sviat Marinated is a straight-edged Ukrainian who once ran a marathon, but was struck down in his prime and turned to stand-up to compensate. Ben Wheatland loves tea, cloudy weather and short walks…

Šest tanečních hodin v šesti týdnech

Bolek Polivka's Theatre, So 25. květen 19:00


HaDivadlo, So 25. květen 16:00

Císařovy nové šaty

Polárka Theatre, So 25. květen 17:30

Strach jíst duši

Reduta Theatre Brno, Ne 26. květen 00:00

Zločin v Londridge: Studie napětí a strachu

Leitner Club, Ne 26. květen 19:30

Rodina je základ státu

Bolek Polivka's Theatre, Ne 26. květen 19:00

O pokladu ve mlýně

Bolek Polivka's Theatre, Ne 26. květen 10:00


HaDivadlo, Ne 26. květen 16:00

Letem sokolím

Bolek Polivka's Theatre, Po 27. květen 19:00

Divadelní svět Brno 2019

Brno – různá místa, Čt 23. květen 00:00

Silent Tarzan

Goose on a String, Út 28. květen 19:00

A stalker, who in the summer had crept along the fences of swimming pools and photographed young women in bikinis, sunbathing women and the rural beauty of their surroundings ... The photographer…


Polárka Theatre, Út 28. květen 17:30

Re-Kabaret: Republika aneb S cenzurou na věčné časy

Bolek Polivka's Theatre, Út 28. květen 12:30


Bolek Polivka's Theatre, Út 28. květen 19:00

Zabiják Joe

Reduta Theatre Brno, Út 28. květen 17:30

Včela v hlavě

Leitner Club, Út 28. květen 19:00

Amadeus Mozart

Reduta Theatre Brno, St 29. květen 19:00

Stand-up Factory v Brně: Jarní tour 2019

ArtBar Druhý Pád, St 29. květen 20:00


Buranteatr, St 29. květen 19:30

Nebezpečné vztahy

Brno City Theatre, St 29. květen 19:00


Bolek Polivka's Theatre, St 29. květen 19:00

Marie Stuartovna

Mahen Theatre, St 29. květen 19:00

Anatomie nenávisti

Římské náměstí, Čt 30. květen 20:00

The Other Side

Na Orlí Theatre, Čt 30. květen 19:00

Horská dráha

Bolek Polivka's Theatre, Čt 30. květen 19:00


Polárka Theatre, Čt 30. květen 17:30

Je to jenom hra

Projekt CED, Čt 30. květen 18:00


Brno City Theatre, Čt 30. květen 18:00


Mahen Theatre, Čt 30. květen 19:00

Ticho na zemi

Goose on a String, Pá 31. květen 19:00

Minus two

Bolek Polivka's Theatre, Pá 31. květen 19:00

Isabelin poklad aneb cesta do Singapuru

Leitner Club, Pá 31. květen 19:30

Vrabčák a anděl

Brno City Theatre, Pá 31. květen 19:00


Reduta Theatre Brno, Pá 31. květen 19:00


Mahen Theatre, Pá 31. květen 19:00

Brněnské pověsti

Reduta Theatre Brno, So 1. červen 10:00


Reduta Theatre Brno, So 1. červen 19:00

Za scénou

Projekt CED, So 1. červen 19:30


HaDivadlo, So 1. červen 19:30


Polárka Theatre, So 1. červen 15:30

Můj báječný rozvod

Bolek Polivka's Theatre, So 1. červen 19:00

Alenka za zrcadlem

Polárka Theatre, So 1. červen 10:30

Poslední trik Georgese Mélièse

Goose on a String, Ne 2. červen 17:00

Pro tebe cokoliv

Bolek Polivka's Theatre, Ne 2. červen 19:00

Zázrak v černém domě

Reduta Theatre Brno, Ne 2. červen 19:00

Podivné odpoledne Dr. Zvonka Burkeho

Bolek Polivka's Theatre, Po 3. červen 19:00

House Beating

Moravské náměstí, Út 4. červen 18:00


Goose on a String, Út 4. červen 19:00

Pravidla bincárny

Goose on a String, Út 4. červen 19:30

The Randoms: Nuda?

Leitner Club, Út 4. červen 19:30


Polárka Theatre, Út 4. červen 17:30

Na stojáka

Metro Music Bar, Út 4. červen 18:00

Před východem slunce

Reduta Theatre Brno, Út 4. červen 19:00

Kdo je pan Schmitt?

Mahen Theatre, St 5. červen 19:00


Goose on a String, Čt 6. červen 20:00

The fate of Vítězslava Kaprálová, a young talented composer, conductor, and femme fatale from Brno, is expressed through the eyes of writer Kateřina Tučková and director Anna Petrželková. They tell…


Bolek Polivka's Theatre, Čt 6. červen 19:00

Hotel Plaza Apartman

Mahen Theatre, Čt 6. červen 19:00

Naše třída

Polárka Theatre, Pá 7. červen 19:00


HaDivadlo, Pá 7. červen 17:30

Kocour v botách

Reduta Theatre Brno, Pá 7. červen 18:00


Mahen Theatre, Pá 7. červen 19:00


Tři ocásci, So 8. červen 20:00


Goose on a String, So 8. červen 19:00

At Hitlers' Or The Stories From The Hitlers' Kitchen

HaDivadlo, So 8. červen 19:30

Rybárik Kráĺovský

Bolek Polivka's Theatre, So 8. červen 19:00

František z kaštanu, Anežka ze slunečnic

Polárka Theatre, So 8. červen 10:30

P.U.N.T.S. – Nikdy nevíš

Kabaret Špaček, So 8. červen 19:00

Noc bláznů

Mahen Theatre, Ne 9. červen 19:00


HaDivadlo, Po 10. červen 19:30


Goose on a String, Po 10. červen 19:00

Slepičí krky

Industra, Út 11. červen 20:00


Bolek Polivka's Theatre, Út 11. červen 19:00

4 Elements

Mahen Theatre, St 12. červen 19:00

Amadeus (tj. Milovaný Bohem)

Goose on a String, St 12. červen 19:00

_Are we able to withstand the light - when it gets too bright for our eyes?_ Amadeus. He acts like a grown-up young man and composes brilliant music. Antonio. He declares himself to be the patron…

Kámen a bolest

Reduta Theatre Brno, St 12. červen 19:00

Indian In Danger

HaDivadlo, Čt 13. červen 19:30

2851 Jak jsem to přežila

Projekt CED, Čt 13. červen 10:00

Plný kapsy šutrů

Bolek Polivka's Theatre, Čt 13. červen 19:00


Bolek Polivka's Theatre, So 15. červen 19:00


Goose on a String, So 15. červen 19:00

The brand new format of Goose on a String Theater. The improvisation cycle in free style reveals an extraordinary encounter with actors as you would not know them. Unmatched themes, authentic…

Ve jménu republiky

Polárka Theatre, So 15. červen 17:30

Veroničin pokoj

Reduta Theatre Brno, Ne 16. červen 19:00

Maxipes Fík

Leitner Club, Ne 16. červen 15:00


HaDivadlo, Po 17. červen 19:30


Reduta Theatre Brno, Po 17. červen 19:00


Industra, Po 17. červen 20:05

How to turn ordinary lives into an attractive spectacle, a spectacular show? The auteur duo succeeds in doing so in a somewhat eccentric piece created for the human body and a computer. _Forecasting_…

Turnový háj

Goose on a String, Po 17. červen 19:00

The texts of Eva Turnová, which originated from 2012 in _Instinkt_, and then in _Reflex_. Since then, five books have been written out of these original columns - bitter-hungry glosses to the present…


Bolek Polivka's Theatre, Po 17. červen 19:00